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Innovations on Parade – New Fiber Laser Welder at MD&M West

Posted by Barbara Kuntz on Tue, Feb 12, 2013 @ 03:08 PM

The Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West exposition and conference is the place to be this week if you want to see the latest innovations in equipment and systems for medical device manufacturing. Despite all the doom and gloom you hear about the manufacturing sector, the medical device industry has been on fire for the last decade, and shows no signs of let up.  Innovations in technology are on the rise as everyone is looking to do things smaller, faster, and more reliably. I like to stroll the aisles looking for what’s 'just out.' If you do too, drop by Miyachi Unitek’s booth - #3051.

We have three really unique products on display this week, a brand new LF Series fiber laser (so new, we don't even have a professional photo of it yet - but here's a snapshot of the laser on the floor!), our compact, Mu Desktop galvo fiber laser welding system, and our Sigma laser tube cutting system. Application experts are in the booth, so bring your parts over for us to take a look at. We can give you technical feedback on how lasers can work for your process.

LF500 Fiber Laser Welder

The LF series fiber lasers are great for micro spot and seam welding applications as well as fine cutting, with power levels from 100-500W and a selection of beam qualities; perfect for the fine work needed for medical tools, instruments and implantable medical devices. They feature a high definition large screen pendant, so program is going to be quick and easy.

The newest welding system out there is our Mu Desktop Galvo fiber laser welding system. This little beauty (see above) has the motion capabilities of a stage-based system, packed into a highly compact footprint. It’s fiber and Nd:YAG compatible, with an average power of up to 500W, and high speed galvo motion. The Class 1 mini workstation comes with a lot of possible configurations, one of which is a vertical door that for quick access for loading and unloading. The high speed positioning of the galvo system is really useful for tool assemblies with multiple locations of spot or seam welds minimizing cycle time. The Mu is also available as a Class 4 system, and can be configured as a welding sub-system for machine integration that’s needed for parts that require high volume automation.

Aside from medical device welding, we also will have a Sigma laser tube cutting system on display, which can be used for both on and off-axis cutting. The Sigma is great for high speed and high precision cutting of stainless and nitinol materials and is going to be a real hit for cutting medical tubes, especially for making precise teeth and notches, and flexible interlinked spirals. A new tooling innovation enables high quality, high yield cutting of tubing down to 0.01-inch diameter. 

And of course, we have our industry standard resistance welding equipment on the stand:  UB25 linear DC resistance welder with a 70 series weld head and the industry-leading ADAM advanced weld monitor.

Finally - if you aren't sure what YOU need, but want to see what we're capable of, take a look at our fabulous sample table which features an array of welded, marked and cut samples.

Laser welded, laser marked, laser cut samples

The show is open until 5pm today, 10am - 5pm tomorrow 2/13 and 10am - 4pm Thursday, 2/14. See you on the show floor!

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