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Part Design Guidelines: Thermocompression Bonding Does the Job

Posted by Barbara Kuntz on Wed, May 09, 2012 @ 02:51 PM

A few months ago, a customer came into our Monrovia lab intent on processing application samples using hot bar reflow soldering - the part was specifically developed with that technology in mind.  Sr. Lab Technician Vickie Buckley, however, took one look at the part and decided that reflow soldering wasn't the optimum process: the wires were too small and would flatten out before the solder melted and reflowed creating a proper bond on the terminals below.  All was not lost, however, her 20+ years of experience told her that the application could be done using thermocompression bonding; they moved over to that equipment and had immediate success!  The customer went home content that he had a process that would work!

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Topics: hot bar reflow soldering, thermocompression bonding

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